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Dr Isolde M Neugart MBA PhD is a native German speaker who obtained her PhD in Modern Languages and Linguistics from the University of Tübingen, one of the leading German universities. She is a qualified German language expert and an experienced teacher who has taught German to Australians at QUT and UQ.

Learn with us and experience the stunning learning curve from zero beginner to be conversationally fluent within 3 – 6 months!”

“Have your German course designed for your particular needs, aims and goals.”

Learn in a stress free environment!

Sound like a native speaker! - Speak like a native speaker! - Act like a native speaker!

Isolde will teach you German phonetics, good grammar and what kind of German to use in every situation you are in.



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Any day including weekends, evening classes.

Class size:
From one to four students in each class. Special arrangements for companies.

Cost Introductory Package

» 3 sessions of German

» 90 min each

» At cost of 60 min/$80.00 per session.

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‘The German Autobahn – Words You Need to Know’


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